Lund, palju lund

Snow, lots of snow
Double Cone

Sarnaselt kultusfilmile Matrix, kus Neo ütleb "Guns,..lots of guns", kõlab ka homse päeva moto "Lund, palju lund". Nimelt panen homme taas 3 kihti riideid ja 3 paari akusid kaasa, et minna mäele vastavatud the Stashi kuvama. Loodetavasti on peale lume ka palju head valgust :)

Similarly to the cult movie Matrix where Neo says "Guns, ..lots of guns", there is a motto for tomorrow lingering in my mind "Snow, ..lots of snow". In fact, it will be another day in the mountains tomorrow, so I'll put on 3 layers of garment and pack 3 sets of batteries to be ready to shoot the Stash. Hopefully there will be a lot of excellent light as well :)

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