Reality Check

Senathilaka Guesthouse, Kudiruppu

Kes pole veel rütmi tabanud, siis postitan meelega abstraktsemat materjali, et mahlasemad palad tuleviku tarvis jätta. Kavas on kirjutada raamat reisimuljetest ja -mõtetest. Formaat on veel "lihvimata teemant", ent mõned mõtted mõlguvad. Diraaž on n+1 tükki ning fotosid on rohkem kui tosin sees.  NIISIIS:  kaasamaks häid inimesi protsessi kutsun üles Kalleid Lugejaid,  kui mõlgub meeles mõni lahe idee, soov või küsimus raamatu, elu või reisimiste kohta, siis emailige mulle eesnimi.perenimi ät gmail.com. Korrastage oma mälusahtleid, kontrollige reaalsustaju: ajutorm veeklaasis garanteeritud.

For those how have not picked up the pattern yet: I am posting some drier content on purpose. The fruitier pieces will be kept for the future. I am planning to write a book on our travels experiences and thoughts. Format of this book is still "a rought diamond", but some ideas are lingering in my mind. The print-run will be n+1 pieces and there will be more than a douzen photographs. ANYHOW, to involve good people into the project: if you, my Dear Reader, have an idée fixe that you want to express, a wish or a question about the book, life in general or about traveling, be my guest and write here or to my email laur.laanemaa (a) gmail.com. Make some arrangements in your thoughts, do a reality check and there will be a brain storm in a water glass :)

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